Our Curator


Dr. Keith Cowley is a paleobiologist and Curator of the Museum at Sea Monster Cove. When he’s not researching fossils recovered from the Lost Sea, or working in the Lab he is assisting in the caretaking of the Aquarium’s wildlife as SMC’s own Sea Monster Veterinarian! Keep an eye out for new educational content being added regularly!

In real life: Keith Cowley is the Education Director (not a Dr. but he plays one at Sea Monster Cove!). He has spent over 20 years researching, collecting, and preserving prehistoric sharks and shark history artifacts from all over the world, resulting in his creation of America’s first shark history museum, Living Sharks Museum. Working as an artist and educator, his scientific illustration and exhibit designs have been utilized by shark research organizations, museum environments and Animal Planet. He has monitored shark tournaments and collected shark research data as a contractor for NOAA/NMFS, as well as been aboard M/V Ocearch for the tagging of a great white shark named Ack. Passionate about sharks and all things prehistoric, Keith Cowley is now working under Steve Alten as a Creature Concept Artist and Technical Advisor on Sea Monster Cove and Where Sea Monsters Roam.

To learn more about the science, and educational programming/resources, you can contact Keith Cowley at

Keith Cowley