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My name is Steve Alten and I am the author of half-a-dozen original scripts and eighteen published thrillers, though I am best known for my MEG series, about Carcharodon megalodon, the 70-foot, 50-ton prehistoric cousin of the Great White shark. Twenty-one years after the novel became a NY Times best-seller, The MEG debuted in movie theaters (starring Jason Statham), and despite poor box office predictions from the “Hollywood experts” the movie quickly reached #1 in the U.S. and soon thereafter worldwide. With its success, MEG-2: The TRENCH should go into production soon, followed by The LOCH, adapted from my Loch Ness Monster series.

I knew The MEG movie would be a hit; the novel was and still remains popular among teens and over the years has been incorporated into the curriculum of thousands of high school teachers through my non-profit teen reading program, Adopt-An-Author. The story that runs through every aspect of Sea Monster Cove came to me in December of 2019. At first I saw it as a plot for an episodic TV adventure series; then I realized it could be so much more. The simple truth was that, after a quarter-of-a-century of writing about these terrifying magnificent creatures, I wanted to… no, I needed to see them up close and personal… to experience their aura, each visit bathed in a rush of adrenaline and fear.

In sixty plus years the closest I have ever come to experiencing such a moment was two decades ago while visiting an aquarium in the southeast. The last Orca show had ended; the arena nearly empty. I was alone, waiting for my wife and daughter to return from the public restroom, seated on a bench before six feet of azure-blue rolling behind plexiglass – the underwater viewing area suddenly occupied.

The killer whale was a six ton, twenty-foot-long juvenile adult male. The two of us were separated by three feet of seawater and an inch of plastic. The Orca looked at me and I at him – two air-breathing mammals sharing a moment – my presence dwarfed by his – each of us the pinnacle of two distinct evolutions – one species doing the bidding of the other in a habitat rendered far too small for one whale let alone four… and me having just perpetuated the crime on my VISA.

Was the experience worth the $235.00 admission fee (2 adults and a child)? Probably – but I’ll never return to the scene of that crime. None of the magnificent creatures you’re about to see and experience suffer as that Orca and its tank mates did 24/7 and sadly still do. As you’ll see, our animal habitats are massive and our occupants are all awaiting your presence. How you experience their own rather nasty dispositions is up to you. You can watch them from a safe distance or enter a cage and place yourself in their habitat – which, to be honest, most of them (save Snowflake, our 63-foot, 50-ton albino Black Demon Mako shark) don’t especially like. In fact, if you do choose to enter one of their 360 habitats please know that they can sense your presence and they are probably going to attempt to eat you – which is all in good fun. As is our pending new episodic TV series I’ve written called Where Sea Monsters Roam… and an interactive video game in development where you get to experience what it’s like to pilot a submersible and capture specimens for our aquariums. Or if you prefer, you can play the role of the apex predator and go after the human antagonists. If you like the latter, you’ll love our animated series, The Adventures of Snowflake and Layla, which tells the story from the sea creatures’ perspective. Enter our private library and you can read full color enhanced versions of my novels or any of my scripts – all covered under the membership fee. And for teachers looking to combine academics with entertainment, we’ve gone to great time, planning and expense to create a new Distance Learning Program that promises to educate, entertain, and stimulate the imaginations of every student in grades 7 thru 12 in English, science, and reading.

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–Steve Alten

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Celebrity Cameos

Sea Monster Cove has established lavish 5-star virtual accommodations for our celebrity guests and their families in appreciation for supporting our remote island getaway (the costs to capture, house, feed and care for these creatures is very expensive; posting your video on your social networks to bring in new members helps offset those costs and keep monthly memberships low).

Are you from TV / Movie / Athlete or have a significant social network and would like to be considered for an Aquarium Experience, please email Steve Alten at Meg82159@aol.com

(Steve wanted to be first but he doesn’t have enough followers and Murr is a far better actor.)

James “Murr” Murray, one of the stars of Impractical Jokers and a best-selling author, was recently invited by his friend Steve Alten, best-selling author of The MEG series to come to SeaMonsterCove.com for a “therapy session” to overcome his fear of sharks. Well done, Murr!
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