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A personal message from the best-selling author of the MEG series, The LOCH, The Mayan Testament trilogy & the creator of Sea Monster Cove:

To our members & guests, first-time visitors and soon-to-be friends;

I write FACTion – meticulously researched thrillers where the line between fact and fiction is so seamlessly woven together the reader can no longer separate the two…  precisely my goal. Most important: Science Matters. Is it possible for 70-foot Megalodon sharks and prehistoric sea monsters to still be out there somewhere, perhaps inhabiting an ancient sea or undiscovered aquifer lying miles beneath the ocean floor?

If it is scientifically feasible, then YES – it is possible. What is not accepted as real science  (at least not to me) is when someone states as fact, “since no one has actually seen a Meg out there or found a dead one washed ashore than it’s pretty obvious they died off.”

Presumptive statements are not real science (and dead sharks don’t float, they sink – their remains eaten). If 70% of our planet is covered by water and we’ve only explored 5% of our oceans and less than 1% of the deep, then we don’t know what may be out there until we go down there and check it out for ourselves!


My name is Steve Alten… welcome to SEA MONSTER COVE.

MEG A Novel of Deep Terror

What is Sea Monster Cove?

Sea Monster Cove (SMC) is the location for Where Sea Monsters Roam—an action-packed  episodic TV series that evolved into something far more—an interactive multimedia website where visitors become part of the story.

You are about to enter a groundbreaking interactive multi-media entertainment platform where members actually become part of the sea monster adventure story (WSMR) which runs through everything—from the dozen-plus cage diving experiences where the animals are circling and attacking you, to the first of several planned video games, to the TWO original TV series we are creating—Where Sea Monsters Roam (episode one coming soon and an animated series (The Adventures of Snowflake & Layla), told from the creatures’ perspective.

And there is so much more. The Private Alten Library (P.A.L.) is the only place in the world where you can read enhanced versions of all of my novels the story filled with graphic color images and photos that make for an entirely different reading experience. Each novel would cost well over $250 to print … for you, it’s FREE with your monthly membership.

I’ve also included my original screenplays—definitely some of my best work! And every month we’ll be adding new features and prehistoric aquatic experiences…

Sea Monster Cove Membership Features

  • Where Sea Monsters Roam – Exclusive web series for our members ONLY.
  • The Adventures of Snowflake & Layla – Animated Series
  • The Private Alten Library (P.A.L.) – A $250 value!
  • Steve Alten original screenplays – Priceless!
  • Video Games – several planned game releases – 1 available NOW!
  • Virtual Aquariums – Sea Monster Cove features sphere-shaped aquariums
  • Hotels – Unique Virtual Hotels with views of our Aquariums and other features
  • Exclusive 360o video content that you control!
  • Educational Content – our museum full of fun facts and activities for the young and the old.
  • Monthly ZOOM calls with Steve Alten
  • Special Sea Monster Cove merchandise, available only to members.
  • Opportunities for members to receive premiere tickets to MEG:2 The TRENCH & The LOCH.
  • Steve will select a dozen or more CLUB MAKO members as test readers for the upcoming Alten novels The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake & MEG-7: Purgatory.

Much more still to come!

What Will All of This Cost?

How about only $6.95 a month!

If you only read one enhanced Steve Alten novel a month, you’d still be ahead.
We have 11 books available at this time.

There is nothing like this anywhere! 
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Sea Monster Cove Membership

Cost: $6.95 Per Month