You are about to enter a website filled with graphic videos, games, animation, images and heart-pounding aquarium interactions with some of the nastiest sea creatures ever to have existed.

Celebrity Cameos

Sea Monster Cove has established lavish 5-star virtual accommodations for our celebrity guests and their families in appreciation for supporting our remote island getaway (the costs to capture, house, feed and care for these creatures is very expensive; posting your video on your social networks to bring in new members helps offset those costs and keep monthly memberships low).

Are you from TV / Movie / Athlete or have a significant social network and would like to be considered for an Aquarium Experience, please email Steve Alten at

(Steve wanted to be first but he doesn’t have enough followers and Murr is a far better actor.)

James “Murr” Murray, one of the stars of Impractical Jokers and a best-selling author, was recently invited by his friend Steve Alten, best-selling author of The MEG series to come to for a “therapy session” to overcome his fear of sharks. Well done, Murr!
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Welcome to Sea Monster Cove

Congrats! You’re about to enter a virtual entertainment site like nothing you’ve ever experienced before… and it will only get better! We will be adding new content to Sea Monster Cove every week. While major additions like the opening of a new prehistoric exhibit (sphere) will be announced on our home page, subtle changes such as variations in our aquarium experiences will be left to our members to discover on their own. Please note: Our site is available in multiple languages, select your preferred language in our top menu and enjoy your experience even more.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We had originally intended to offer a PG-13 & PG-17 membership option. All content on the site is PG-13; the only PG-17 moments occur on the TV series. We will offer a PG-13 cut for each episode as they are posted.

V.I.P. introductory memberships*.

We greatly appreciate your patronage in our launch phase during the 2020 pandemic and have lowered our monthly membership fee from $12.95 to only $9.95 a month to make things more affordable (half the cost of a first-run movie). Only .33 cents a day for the entire family. In addition, we’ll be offering you perks not available to others. As you read this two major attractions are currently in development (TV series & video game). Each will be accompanied by incremental price increases to cover these costly endeavors. V.I.P. members will NOT be subjected to these or any other future price increases. While you can cancel at anytime (simply scroll to the bottom of any page and click on ACCOUNT & CANCEL) if you wish to rejoin at a later date the cost to re-enter will be based on the memberships available at that time.

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