You are about to enter a website filled with graphic videos, games, animation, images and heart-pounding aquarium interactions with some of the nastiest sea creatures ever to have existed.

Welcome to Sea Monster Cove

We will be adding new content to Sea Monster Cove every week. While major additions like the opening of a new prehistoric exhibit (sphere) will be announced on our home page, subtle changes such as variations in our aquarium experiences will be left to our members to discover on their own. New episodes of our web-TV series WHERE SEA MONSTERS ROAM will be added every 30-45 days. In addition, we will continue to add more features and animals to the park & our video game. Our site is available in multiple languages, select your language in our top menu and enjoy your experience even more. 

Life & Death in the park:

An important feature at Sea Monster Cove is that our animals will age from the moment of their inception in the park. In this way our long-term members will have a vested interest in watching their favorite sea creatures grow and mature, perhaps even spawn. In this sense, there are stories within each habitat. Just as in any aquarium, death also plays a part. PG-17 members may even find themselves witnessing the death of a creature (or trainer).

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