There is nothing like this anywhere!

ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP benefits include:

  • Where Sea Monsters Roam – Exclusive web series for our members ONLY.
  • The Adventures of Snowflake & Layla – Animated Series
  • The Private Alten Library (P.A.L.) – A $250 value!
  • Steve Alten original screenplays – Priceless!
  • Video Games – several planned game releases – 1 available NOW!
  • Virtual Aquariums – Sea Monster Cove features sphere-shaped aquariums
  • Hotels – Unique Virtual Hotels with views of our Aquariums and other features
  • Exclusive 360o video content that you control!
  • Educational Content – our museum full of fun facts and activities for the young and the old.
  • Monthly ZOOM calls with Steve Alten
  • Special Sea Monster Cove merchandise, available only to members.
  • Opportunities for members to receive premiere tickets to MEG:2 The TRENCH & The LOCH.
  • Steve will select a dozen or more CLUB MAKO members as test readers for the upcoming Alten novels The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake & MEG-7: Purgatory.

Much more still to come!