A Discount Club created by Steve Alten as a THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the Sea Monster Cove project and the rest of his work over the last 24 years.

CLUB MAKO benefits include:

  1. A special discounted membership into SeaMonsterCove.com for only $4.95 a month (reg. $9.95). LIMITED to 2,000 new memberships at this time. (first come, first served).   All present and past SMC members have reserved spots for life.
  2. RED TAG discounts and freebies in our onsite store.
  3. Opportunities for CLUB MAKO members to receive premiere tickets to MEG:2 The TRENCH & The LOCH.
  4. Special CLUB MAKO merchandise, available only to members.
  5. Members can sign-up to be a test audience member for our two series.
  6. Beta tester opportunities for the expanded features of the Video Game.
  7. Monthly ZOOM calls with Steve Alten (when the Video Game launches we’ll be global; I’d prefer to keep the calls at 15-30 members vs 200+).
  8. Steve will select a dozen or more CLUB MAKO members as test readers for the upcoming Alten novels The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake & MEG-7: Purgatory.
  9. Much more still to come!